In the Wake of Bipolar Depression, are You Ready for a Pet?

Do you have a pet?


If not, have you thought about adopting one?


Anyone who has a pet will testify to the happiness and comradery that they bring.  Most families see their pet as a family member.


It has been shown that having a pet around can reduce your blood pressure and pain level.


I’m not sure of the exact reasoning, but having a pet helps when you have depression or bipolar depression.  Depression and bipolar depression along with blood pressure lessen with the introduction of a pet in the household.


Therapy Animal


There are two designations of animals that help people:  service animals and therapy animals.  Therapy animals are generally not specifically trained.  They are provided as a companion and their presence has a positive impact upon their owner.  Service animals are trained to do a specific task or perform a specific duty.  For example, we have a family friend who has seizures.  She has a service dog that has been trained to let her know when these seizures are about to come on.


Did you know that therapy animals can save you money?


When we moved into our apartment, I let our property managers know we had therapy animals.  I had my Doctor/Nurse Practitioner fill out some paperwork to authenticate the process.  I submitted the paperwork my Doctor/Nurse Practitioner filled out to my property manager.  It was paperwork that my property manager gave me in the first place for my Doctor/Nurse Practitioner to fill out.  Based on the submitted and cleared paperwork by my manager’s office, I did not have to pay a pet deposit.  For our apartment, our pets have been termed “therapy” animals.  In addition, I did not have to pay the monthly pet fee.


During the beginning of 2017 I did some traveling.  Instead of flying, it became a road trip because I needed to bring our dog along with us.


On the adventure, we stayed at a hotel.  I mentioned to the manager when I checked us in that we had a dog.  I also said that my dog was a therapy animal.  He told me “if I have a therapy animal I do not need to pay their daily animal fee.”


To recap the benefits of getting a therapy animal:


    • Helps reduce both depression and bipolar depression
    • Decrease in blood pressure and pain level
    • For apartment complexes that approve your therapy animal(s), you do not have to pay a deposit
    • Approved therapy animal(s) for apartment complexes, you do not have to pay a monthly pet fee


If you are interested in getting a therapy animal, first talk to your doctor.  If they okay your request, visit your local animal shelter, and adopt a pet.