The Top 5 Hobbies That Can Benefit Your Bipolar Disorder

There are top 5 hobbies that can benefit your bipolar disorder.  I am not saying there are only 5 hobbies that can help benefit you because there are countless hobbies in the world.  The hobbies I plan to go over have a high positive impact on your mood.


1.)    Workout


One of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health is a workout.  You need to find something that you like and will stick with.  I know there are personal trainers everywhere pushing cardio and weight training.  If that is not your thing but let’s say swimming is, then go swimming.  You will have a higher probability of maintaining activity over the long haul if it is something you like and enjoy doing.


As a rule, your initial goal should be to start out at 20 minutes of working out, for 3 days a week.  From there, gradually work up to 30 minutes of activity every day.  If you are busy, you can start by walking 1-2 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Slowly increase the distance and time from there.  You will be amazed how quickly your hobby of working out every day becomes a part of your daily routine.


I love how physical activity floods your body with endorphins.  It also raises the serotonin and dopamine levels in your system.  See why you feel good instantly after a workout?


2.)    Art


I put this in the top 5 because of my discussion with other individuals that have bipolar disorder.  It seems there is a higher incidence of the creative gene in those who have bipolar disorder.  However, just because you have bipolar disorder, does not necessarily mean you are creative.


“Art” is a very broad term.  It encompasses drawing, painting, scrapbooking, inking, coloring, photography, music and more.  Personally, I have been reteaching myself how to draw.  I purchased several books and have been going through them systematically to increase my drawing skills.


When I draw, my mind focuses completely on my drawing task and all sense of the world basically melts away from my mind.  The experience is meditative and reduces my stress instantaneously.


3.)    Movies/T.V.


I have always been told not to watch t.v. and movies.  Although I understand the reasoning behind the concern, my mental health and wellbeing are more important.  When I watch a movie or t.v. show, I get taken to another place.  I especially like science fiction.  So, I am whisked off to another place and time.


My brain is given a rest break.  I only focus on watching the show we choose.  I get swept away into the cinematic universe and it allows my mind to decompress.


4.)    Outdoor Activity


Outdoor activity encompasses hiking, fishing, skiing, running, rock climbing, taking the kids to the park, skiing and more.  I live in Colorado, so the options are literally limitless!  Each new season in Colorado brings a whole new set of outdoor activities to enjoy.


Going outside to enjoy one of Colorado’s many activity options is yet another way to meditate.  Both the mind and body get a strong surge of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.  Most of the outdoor activities are workouts, just completed outside.


Some outdoor activities are very low impact, but still, have the meditative and centering effect of some of the other hobbies.


Art, for example, can be done outside.  Therefore, that is considered an outdoor activity to draw, sketch and paint.  You get all the wonderful effects of the art category plus you get vitamin D from the sun.


5.)    Write/Journal


Journaling is a great way to organize your thoughts and mind.  You might not have a lot of activity going on around you, but your mind can be racing a thousand miles a minute.  A simple way is to write your ideas down on paper or type them down in a word processing application.


The simple act of getting your thoughts out of your head and recorded is very therapeutic.  It literally frees your mind because you are freeing up space in your head after the information no longer takes up space.


There are a countless number of hobbies throughout the world.  I picked a specific five number of hobbies that positively impact bipolar.


Are these the five hobbies you would have picked?  Any hobbies that you would add or subtract?  If you get a chance, please join The Bipolar Battle Community, ok?


Until next time, take care of yourself. 😊