The Top 5 Careers for Someone with Bipolar Disorder

What are the top 5 careers for someone with bipolar disorder?


There are so many careers to choose from in the world.  The most important aspect of picking a career is to find one you can handle.  Personally, I have found the top way to have and handle a career, is to find one where I am in control.  I need to be in control of my environment and schedule.  That is the only way I can make a career work.  Due to fluctuations in my mood, energy level, activity level and motivation due to my illness, I need to dictate when, where and for how long I work.


I have put together a list of 5 possible jobs for an individual with bipolar disorder.


The following is my list of top 5 careers for someone who has bipolar disorder:


1)     Blogging


I am kind of biased because I have my own blog.  I love the fact that you are in complete control!  You have no other person dictating anything unless you choose.  You determine how many posts per week you publish.  If one day you are not doing well, you just do not post or work.


The only thing I had an issue with was the technical part.  I looked at YouTube and chatted with others who had the information.  Click HERE, Create a Blog in Less Than 20 Minutes? if you would like to learn how to create your own blog.


2)     Freelancer


Here, you have similar attributes to a blog, but you get to decide who you work with if you work for yourself.  You decide the types of projects and length.  Sometimes you do not have a choice if you are trying to make money.


If you work for another freelancer agency, you generally do not have as much flexibility with your clients.  It may be better to have your own website if that is something that bothers you.


3)     Coach


As a coach, you are still just as much in control if not more, than the other top 4.  You decide who you want to work with.  Generally, coaches have a questionnaire and that is how they get to know you.  If there is not a good fit, the coach can refer you to another professional.


4)     Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is like a freelancer, but you can market multiple abilities.  There are websites you can post your skills on.  Plus, it is generally a good idea to get your own website.  That gives you a good amount of control.


5)     Entrepreneur


When I think of an entrepreneur, I think more of a brick and mortar company.  You will have less control in this situation.  You generally have specific hours when you must be there and you may have to stay longer.  This will give you the opportunity for more managerial duties if that is your fancy.  If things get too overwhelming, you can bring in outside help and utilize those managerial duties I was talking about!


These examples have some degree of control that you will not find while working for someone else.  If you have bipolar disorder and excel in a situation working for someone else, all the power to you.  My ideas are based on my personal experience and a large population of individuals I have met over the years, that live with bipolar disorder.


I would love to get your ideas.  What do you all do for a living?


Until next time, take care of yourself! 😊

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  1. I work in a busy Orthopedic Surgeons office. I’m a Registered Medical Assistant and it’s hard going or staying at work most days. I love the work itself but other factors make it difficult. Sometimes I worry I won’t be able to do it much longer. Then what am I going for do? It’s all I know.

    1. Hi, Shelli! Great job working as a Registered Medical Assistant. I know that work can be stressful and difficult. How do you deal with the really difficult days? Do not ever feel like there is no other way out. You can always look at disability while transferring to something else if that is what you are going for. Keep me in the loop and I can help whichever route you decide to take. That is if you do not feel you can do the medical assisting anymore. Good luck and take care of yourself! 🙂

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