Screen Time and Bipolar Disorder

Screen time directly affects bipolar disorder.  These days, everyone has a phone, computer, tablet, and other electronic devices. A bluish white light is emitted from the screen. You can go to the settings to reduce this brightness, but the color triggers something in your brain to stay awake. In fact, your brain reacts in a similar way from when you are up and awake and looking at your electronic device. I have found the new Kindle to be one of the only devices out there that you can switch the color right before sleep.




This topic is so important because of the impact screen time has on keeping you up at night. You are not protecting your sleep if you get ready to sleep and jump in bed by 10 pm, but read until after 1 am. If you know you are going to read for two hours before going to sleep, you should go to sleep 2 hours early. The big issue is that blue-white screen from your devices.




You should do your best to stay off all electronic devices a few hours before bedtime. The other option is to purchase a Kindle that switches the color of the electronic reading screen that you are reading from at night time.




Personally, screen time has been a huge issue for me. I am trying to get a blog up and running along with all the other online marketing and social media involved. Some of those activities require almost around the clock monitoring. I make it a point to shut off all my electronics before going to bed. If I feel I need to read or do something else online, I get out my Kindle and switch it to nighttime viewing mode.


From my past, I know how important it is to get the sleep I need. We are talking eight hours straight of uninterrupted sleep. Screwing with my sleep cycle can trigger a manic or depressed episode. I have noticed when I use electronics at night, I wake up numerous times during the night. That is not restorative sleep.




• Plan beforehand
• Finish all electronics a few hours before bedtime
• Use a Kindle that has a nighttime mode

• Always get at least eight hours of sleep


When it comes to electronic devices and bipolar disorder, you are drawing a very fine line. Some of us need to be on them for our jobs. My advice to you (and myself) is moderation. Make sure the amount of time sleeping restoratively is greater than looking at a screen.


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