My Inaugural Debut on the Radio

inaugural radio debut

My Inaugural Debut on the Radio


November 9, 2017, at Noon Eastern time, I had my inaugural debut on the radio.


I had the distinct pleasure and honor of speaking with Tiffany Werhner.  She hosts Moments of Clarity, on her weekly radio show.  I spoke with Tiffany and her cohost Nicole Moncada, speaking about living with Bipolar Disorder and to help educate others.


I must admit I was extremely nervous.  Like the title of this blog post indicates, this was my first time on the radio.  It is interesting for me because I have spoken in front of large groups of people.  For some reason, talking on the radio gave me more anxiety than in-person public speaking.


All that anxiety went away when I began my discussion with Tiffany.  She put my anxiety at ease.  Plus, I had a blast!  I am already looking forward to my next radio speaking engagement!


I like how her program focuses on telling each person’s own story.  It is such a great way to educate others and stomping out stigma.  That is what I try to do with my own blog.  I hope to help others who have Bipolar Disorder manage their illness to a better degree.  Plus, I hope to enlighten those who are caregivers, family, friends or anybody who is just curious about Bipolar Disorder.


To be honest, I never really thought I would do any sort of speaking engagement.  That goes for in-person or on the radio.  However, I have shifted my future focus and I hope to do more.


In-person speaking and radio are both fantastic venues to spread the word about mental health, educate, enlighten, and provide support for those that suffer.


Below, you can listen to my appearance on Tiffany’s show, Moments of Clarity:



You can tune in to Moments of Clarity each week on Thursday and Friday, live from 12-1pm Eastern time.  You can listen in on the internet at or call in to join the discussion at 866-826-1340.  If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you can listen in on the radio at 1340 AM or 106.1 FM.