High Risk Activities and Bipolar Disorder

High risk activity

There are several high risk activities that come to mind when speaking about bipolar disorder.  They really do not become an issue or problem unless the individual afflicted with bipolar disorder becomes manic.  These high-risk activities can help a doctor (or psychiatric nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) diagnose bipolar disorder in a person.  Please click HERE to read my article about a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a physician’s assistant.


High-risk activities are generally those that can hurt another person.  Often, the two activities are grouped into overspending and hypersexuality.




An individual who has bipolar can follow a budget just fine.  In fact, they can take care of the bills and make sure they are being paid on time and sent out punctually as well.  When that person switches into mania, everything changes.  There is no longer a moral compass.  If something looks flashy and fun to buy, then the money is spent.  I have known people to go take out loans and open credit cards to fuel this spending frenzy.


It sounds scary when I read back on what I just wrote.


Personally, I have put safety measures in place.  As soon as I have a desire to buy anything, I hand over the money cards to my wife.  That way, she becomes the responsible one and takes over the finances.


It is not my wife babysitting me either.  I know someone asked me that one time and I told them we just change the responsibility of the finances from me to her.  Then when I start to feel better, the money situation is switched back to me.  It is a proactive way to protect the family from something bad happening with the money.




I know it makes many people uncomfortable to discuss sex, but we must here.  An individual who has bipolar disorder can become extremely hypersexual when going into a manic episode.  Their libido can skyrocket!


I have heard before how a person with bipolar disorder was chastised because they cheated on their partner.  This is where it is important to have a plan in place.  Start implementing whatever plan you created before going into an episode so you will not do anything that you possibly could regret.


When an individual goes into a manic episode, energy increases sexual energy increases and sometimes there is no longer a moral compass.  Hopefully, you have a supportive team that you discussed this possible situation.  They should know what to do and how to support you during this time.


I have seen people going into a manic episode like they were drunk, losing all their inhibitions.  They feel free to do whatever they want and do not think twice about hooking up with fling after fling, night after night.


Not everyone goes this extreme.  I just think it is important for you to understand the reality of the situation.  Especially if you are newly diagnosed or have not been diagnosed yet.


Down the road, I will give you some ideas on how to create a contingency and safety plan in case something happens.  Remember, I am not an M.D. and giving you, my insight and ideas based on my own personal experience.


I would greatly appreciate it if you would join The Bipolar Battle Community!  Until next time, take care of yourself! 😊

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  1. Dear BRB,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. I am Bipolar 1 and have made a mess of my life. Not one single person from my family will have anything to do with me. I would like to join your group, but being new to twittet, I don’t know how
    Can you help me?

    1. Hi Colleen!

      My heart goes out to you and I am so grateful you have received some comfort from my posts. The following are other ways you can keep in touch with me and The Bipolar Battle:
      The Bipolar Battle Page (on facebook): https://www.facebook.com/bipolarjohn/
      The Bipolar Battle Group (on facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/239747863096562/
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      Does this help? Let me know if you have some success, ok? I would like to hear more about your story!


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