Is There God in Bipolar Disorder?

The question:  Is There God in Bipolar Disorder?


My Dad asked the question, “How does God fit into all this (meaning, dealing with bipolar disorder)?”  The answer to this question is very personal.  It is dependent on what you believe or do not believe.


I do not want to turn this into an article for or against religion.  Instead, I would like to discuss the various ways that God, Spirituality, and Religion can help us cope with bipolar disorder.




“Be strong,


be brave,


and be fearless.


You are never alone.”


Joshua 1:9


I am not speaking of big muscles.  Here, I am talking about the strength to carry on when you feel like you cannot or feel like you want to die.  I have been there countless times.  From time to time, the only thing you can do is literally take it one day at a time.  If you cannot do that, then take it hour by hour.  From there, if you still cannot do that, then every 15 minutes all the way down to a minute to minute format.


If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally with thoughts of death, call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline (24 hours a day) at 1-800-273-8255.  You can also text “TalkWithUs” to 66746.


Talking about strength here, I am meaning in character.  The drive to pull through even though the odds are against you.  Bipolar disorder can dictate your energy level, your activity level, your mood, but it cannot dictate your willpower.  This gives to strength, which can help you get through and beat those odds.




“For I know the plans


I have for you,”


declares the Lord,


“Plans to prosper you


and not to harm you,


plans to give you hope


And a future.”


Jeremiah 29:11


Whether you are a believer or not, hope can get you through from day to day.  My mantra about hope is quite simple.  I just hope that things will get better.  To me, hoping that things will get better means feeling healthier than the day before, having more energy, taking a shower, reading a book, and you can add on to this list.


People have this preconceived idea that they must be better than everybody else.  They feel you need these huge dreams and if you do not follow through, then you are a failure.  These folks have not faced their own mortality.


You do not have to be super mom or super dad (if you have kids) to prove a point.  I am not just speaking here of individuals that have bipolar disorder either.


Hope sometimes comes down to just living from day to day.  It becomes a matter of survival and you need to live before you can thrive.  Try to remember that.  Sometimes it is a matter of survival when it comes to bipolar disorder.




“Let your roots grow down


Into him, and let your lives be


built on them.  Then your faith


will grow strong in the truth


you were taught, and you will


overflow with thankfulness.”


Colossians 2:7


I have always thought of Faith as a belief in something greater than myself.  To me, there is something more to this universe.  Yes, I know that we all have a chemical illness of the brain.  Is that not how we perceive the world around us?  Our brain interprets what we see, through our own eyes.  Personally, I have seen demons, scary demonic shadows, the devil, felt delusional and more.  Does this mean it is real because I see it?  The medical community terms these hallucinations and delusions.


My faith that there is something greater out there, has helped me to get through some rough times.  Something greater can touch on your own Spirituality and/or belief in God.  What do you believe?


Personal Experience


When it comes to my manias and mixed states, there always seems to be a religious component to them.  I have personally felt like Jesus and the Pope’s personal confidante at various points throughout my life.  I know evil and what it is like.  For me, I must be careful with my involvement with the church because it can be a trigger for a mood episode.  You can read about triggers HERE, Relationships Can Save You Or Destroy You.


Science tells me these things I hear, believe, and see come from my head.  Personally, I have always felt a sensitivity to the spiritual realm.  Now, bear with me here.  Like I touched on previously, I have known and felt evil.  When I go through a manic or mixed episode, I feel I get a glimpse into the spiritual warfare that goes on in this world.  The things I see and feel are like that out of a horror movie.


Just like science and God can go hand in hand if you are open minded, so can mental illness and spirituality.  Again, these are my beliefs.  Take them for what they are worth.


Others’ Experience


I have met many others who have a spiritual component to their illness as well.  One of my friends felt like he was the messiah and spent about three years living out of his car preaching the gospel.  He was finally arrested and treated for his bipolar illness.


Still, others do not have a spiritual component to their illness.  We are individuals and our illnesses are just as distinct when it comes to bipolar disorder.  Although, I would like to mention that the text book version of bipolar disorder generally has a religious component.


If you are newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder or simply want some more information about bipolar disorder, please click HERE, Bipolar Disorder, What Does it Really Mean?.  Are you interested in a book that goes over what it is like to have bipolar disorder?  Click below to order the very first book I read on bipolar disorder.  It is a memoir by Kay Redfield Jamison.


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