Fun With Bipolar Disorder

Fun with bipolar disorder?  What are you talking about, right?  Let us get right to it.


Serious Subject


Bipolar disorder is an intensely serious subject.  After all, you are talking about mood regulation, medication management, survival, and a host of other serious topics.  Any decision I make, I have to ask myself, “how will this affect my bipolar illness?”


I am lucky enough to feel an intensity of emotion that those who do not have this illness can only dream.  I guess you can see that as both a positive and a negative.  It is negative because that sort of intensity will get you diagnosed (amongst other things).  It is a positive because those of us who have this illness open parts of our brains that no one ever has the privilege to do so.  We feel more deeply than others can merely imagine.




Fun is such a broad topic.  It can mean something completely different between two individuals.  One person may love the outdoors and the other one you could never find outside.  What do you do for fun?


Many individuals enjoy extreme sports and activities.  When it comes to having bipolar disorder, you must be careful if you find yourself in this category.  By participating in these extreme sports and activities, you can inadvertently trigger a mood episode.  You can click HERE, Environmental Extremes Impact Bipolar Disorder, to find more information.




One of the best ways to experience fun is to find a hobby you enjoy doing.  Personally, I love to draw and create.  I enjoy this creative outlet, I am learning constantly and I have a finished product when I am done.  Like fun, everyone is completely different when it comes to hobbies.  You can find more information about hobbies by clicking HERE, The Top 5 Hobbies That Can Benefit Your Bipolar Disorder.  What are your hobbies?  Do you mind sharing?


If you are newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder or simply want some more information, please click HERE, Bipolar Disorder, What Does it Really Mean?.  If you are interested in a book that goes over what it is like to have bipolar disorder, click below to order the very first book I read on bipolar disorder.  It is a memoir by Kay Redfield Jamison, An Unquiet Mind.


I also added two other books that I think you will enjoy.  Pick them up and let me know what you think, ok?


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  1. John–Keep up the GREAT work you are doing–even if your work on bipolar helps just one person its work it–I think you help a lot more than one person!!

    God Bless–Love, DAD

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