Create a Blog in Less Than 20 minutes?




Are you interested in starting up a blog?  I have had many people inquire about how I created my blog, so I decided to put together this summary to show you.



When it comes to creating a blog, really think why you want to start one.  It seems to me people are so quick to set up a blog that they do not really stop to catch their breath and think what they really want to blog about.



One of the best ways to figure out what topic you want to write about is good old-fashioned brainstorming.



Take about 20-30 minutes and write down EVERYTHING on your mind.



When you are done, ask the following of each possible topic:

Does this interest me?

Can I see myself writing about this topic one, three, even five years and longer?

Can I make money with this subject?



When you are looking for a subject, choose a small niche.  Do not be exceedingly broad.

Make sure to spend time on this step and do not rush it.  After all, this is the start of a blog that could potentially span a decade or longer.






This next step is the easy part.  It is here you choose your hosting.  Word Press is the most common platform, and I found Word Press to be very user-friendly.  I taught myself through trial and error.



I have been able to secure a good rate for anyone going through my website.  So, click to the right to get the deal I am offering:  .  Before initiating the signup process, make sure you know what domain name you will use.  You get a free domain name when you sign up with Bluehost.  You can enter in your domain name idea in the following to make sure it is not taken:

Make sure to follow the signup instructions.  Starting out, you only need the smallest package offered of the three.  There is no need to go all out unless you have the money and want to spend it.


One of the last tasks you will do in this step (after going through and answering all the questions) is click the 1-button install for Word Press.






Pick a theme.  You can pick one for free or pay for one.  Etsy has some reasonably priced themes.



There are some positives to purchasing a theme.  When you have a question, you can generally contact the author for any issues that you have.



Once you have your theme installed, go ahead and start customizing your site.  If you have issues with the customization, you can always get WordPress for Beginners 2017: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress.






Make sure to create your first blog post.  Try to keep it between 400 and 1000 words.  It is a good idea to include a brief introduction of yourself along with information that lets the reader know what your blog will be about.






This last step is to help you get started on developing traffic to your site.  Make sure you have created your first post.



Create your social media accounts:






There are other social media accounts that you can add, but these will get you started.


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