When it comes down to actual “Ah-ha” and clarity moments most people don’t have many recollections.  Having one in the first place is generally a positive experience.  Have you ever had that experience where everything fits together and is clear?


For example, let us say you are a dancer and learn a new complicated dance move.  If you not only had a

learning experience, but had a sense of clarity, it could be termed an actual “Ah-ha” moment.


I’ve had quite a number of these clarity moments.  For example:


1)  Learning how to ride a two-wheel bike for the first time


2)  Driving my Dad’s Red Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was not only my first time learning how to drive a stick shift, but my Dad trusted me to drive his car.  That was a huge moment for me!


3)  Probably the biggest “Ah-ha” moment occurred when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1. That was ½ of the story.  The diagnosis was ½ the story and the other part happened around 10 years later.  Let me give you a little background…


For years, my Psychiatrist worked with me to find the right “cocktail” of medicine.  I say “cocktail” because my doctor finally found a couple of mood stabilizers, an antipsychotic and a benzodiazepine.  My doctor made sure that all those medicines worked in conjunction with one another.


Towards the end of treating me like a guinea pig, I had the longest road of stability up until that point that I ever had.


However, an event occurred I was not prepared for.  I went severely manic.  After I balanced out and came down from my mania, the other ½ part of my “Ah-ha” was swift and to the point.  I realized that medicine alone would not get me to the spot I wanted.  I was going to need something more.  I’d have to dig deeper and find other ideas, in addition to taking my medicine.


I had been experimenting with ways to deal with maintaining my health for years before my big epiphany.


My journey was a science experiment.  I switched one variable around at a time, while looking at the outcome.  Sometimes switching a variable worked and other times it did not.  I decided to put my findings into a product and show you.


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  1. Really enjoy reading your blog. I am trying to fight this battle myself. I’ve already ruined my first marriage and will not let that happen again. Still figuring out the right concoctions for me. I have two beautiful boys to live to the best of my abilities for. I just want to be happy again consistently and love fully.

    1. Natalia, my heart literally goes out to you. I’ve been in the EXACT position as you and have experienced the same things. I hope I can provide some ideas to try. Also, always feel free to contact me. If you feel the comments are too much out in the open, you can always use my “contact me” page. I know this illness doesn’t lend itself that easy to consistency, but I know it can happen. Take care of yourself and chat soon!! 🙂

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