100 Simple and Practical Ways to Get the Most Out of Life When you Have Bipolar Disorder

There are some simple and practical ways to get the most of out of life.  When it comes to life, most of us just want to be happy, right?  Can we agree on that?


These are ideas that you probably already know about, but they are a great reminder.  I have found some of these suggestions provide greater satisfaction than others.


Without further ado, here they are:


1) Find a Higher Purpose


2) Go to Bed at The Same Time Each Night and Get Up at the Same Time Each Day


3) Forgiveness


4) Meditation


5) Gratefulness


6) Social with Friends, Extended Family, and Immediate Family


7) Keep Up to Date with All Your Medications


8) Maintain a Regular Schedule with Your Therapist


9) Exercise




11) Volunteer


12) Eat a Healthy Diet


13) Learn Something New


14) Pursue a Hobby


15) Set Short-term and Long-term Goals


16) Follow Your Illness with a Mood Chart or App About Moods


17) Take Your Medication Daily


18) Maintain Your Hygiene – Shower Every Day


19) Make Your Bed


20) Organize the Environment Around You


21) Read a Book


22) Cook a Nice Meal


23) Get a Haircut


24) Adopt a Pet from a Shelter


25) Take a Road trip


26) Stay the Night at a Hotel in a Nearby Town


27) Buy a New Outfit


28) Go to a Movie


29) Rent a Movie from Redbox or Vudu


30) Clean Your House or Apartment


31) Travel Abroad


32) Use Aromatherapy


33) Sit by a Fire


34) Stargaze


35) Roast Marshmallows


36) Climb a Tree


37) Go to the Beach


38) Burn Incense


39) Play a Sport


40) Have a Picnic


41) Go to a Sporting Event


42) Visit the Mountains


43) Take a Walk


44) Get a Manicure/Pedicure


45) Write a Poem


46) Go for a Drive


47) Donate Old Clothes and Items to Charity


48) Go to the Library


49) Open a Savings Account and Save Each Month


50) Get Outside 


51) Run a Half Marathon or Full Marathon


52) Play at a Park


53) Get a Massage


54) Compliment a Stranger


55) Give a Massage


56) Play a Board game


57) Eat Dinner by Candlelight


58) Snuggle with Someone You Love


59) Reconnect with an Old Friend




61) Build Something


62) Listen to Music


63) Eat Chocolate


64) Play a Video Game


65) Window Shop


66) Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp


67) Buy Flowers for Someone


68) Build a Fort


69) Buy a Gift for Someone You Love


70) Have a Deep Conversation Late into the Night


71) Go to a County Fair


72) Hold Hands with Someone You Love


73) Create a Vision Board


74) Dream


75) Read a Book to a Child 


76) Send Thank You Cards


77) Work Hard at Everything


78) Do Not Gossip


79) Go to a Wedding


80) Tell Your Family How Much You Love Them


81) Hug and Kiss Your Family Daily


82) Recycle


83) Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day


84) Always Say Goodbye When You Leave Someone


85) Write a Book


86) Go Camping


87) Go on a Family Trip


88) Take a Hot Bath by Candlelight and With Bath Salts


89) Go Fishing


90) Debate Something


91) Dance in the Rain


92) Laugh So Hard You Cry


93) Run Through the Sprinklers


94) Smell Some Flowers


95) In a Drive Thru, Buy the Person’s Meal Behind You


96) Reorganize a Room in Your House or Apartment


97) Run Through Freshly Cut Grass


98) Make Up a Game


99) Teach Someone Something


100) Smile at Strangers and Say “Hi”


I would love to hear your thoughts about what simple and practical ways you use to get the most out of life.  Do you mind sharing?


Of course, this list is not at all exhaustive, but there may be some ideas that you have not tried.  Please try them out and share your experience!


Until next time, take care of yourself! 😊